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Promoting Gorillas and getting commission for every new customer they bring! Gorillas delivers groceries in minutes! Gorillas is a 10-minute food delivery service that is active in most German cities! Every new customer you bring who makes a first purchase is a commission of 20€. CPS - 20€ for a new user who makes the first purchase The offer is valid only for mobile devices! Publishers with the highest performance (the most first time buyers) will receive additional coupons and possibly a special payout ;)


A valid Sale is a: When we see it in adjust 7-Days postback window No Apple search ads, Universal app campaigns, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, FB/Insta, Google search Publisher shall provide only non-incent traffic and exclude all adult/pornographic, political, religious, extremist, gender discriminating, abusive placements. All Advertising Material/Ads shall be created and provided for by Advertiser. Any modification shall be subject to written pre-approval by Advertiser. Any use of third party names, logos, trademarks etc. in relation to Advertiser`s Advertising Material/Ads is prohibited unless approved by Advertiser. Publisher shall take all the necessary precautions to avoid fraudulent actions performed by a bot, script, automated program or similar device in relation to any of the Advertiser`s Ads. Any publisher of Publisher’s Network with a conversion rate (installs/clicks) less than 0.2% and more than 100.000 clicks (as tracked by Adjust) shall be considered suspicious of having used fraudulent actions, in which case the Publisher shall ensure that this publisher immediately ceases its activities for Advertiser and Advertiser won’t be pay for the traffic coming from these suspicious activity defined as above. Tracking links must contain publisher IDs. Such IDs must be transmitted for all clicks/installs. Advertiser won’t pay for “unknown” publishers. Unknown publisher is defined by adjust tracker appearing as “unknown”. Publisher shall only use the naming convention as from Advertiser instructed. Non compliance does not qualify for compensation. Publisher spend is capped by the Campaign Budget stated in this IO. Advertiser shall not pay for overspending without written approval from Advertiser Publisher shall not have install to first purchase event conversion rate based on adjust dashboard below 5% for more than 5 consecutive days and cease the activity of subpublisher(s) immediately. Publisher must cease the activity of a Sub-publisher or Sub-publishers within 48 hours once Advertiser gives a notice via e-mail. Publisher must take all the necessary technical and organizational measures to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and other data protection laws that apply to Gorillas Technologies. Advertiser shall not pay for suspicious activity as Device id / manufacturer changing among in-app events, install and sessions, Installs from unknown IP addresses, (Sub)publisher/Publisher with a conversion rate (installs/clicks) less than 0.2% and more than 100.000 clicks (as tracked by Adjust) “Unknown” publisher defined by adjust tracker. Installs that have click to install time below 2 seconds.

TypeCountriesDevice groupsEvent IDPayout
saleGlobalAndroid, iOSSale20.00 EUR
installGlobalAndroid, iOSinstall0.00
Gorillas Technologies GmbH
Start Date
11 October 2021
End Date
31 January 2022
Cookie expiration
7 days
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