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Altrady is a comprehensive crypto trading platform for crypto enthusiasts and traders. With a clear focus on ease of use and comprehensive features, Altrady offers an all-in-one solution for cryptocurrency trading. The platform allows users to connect multiple crypto exchanges and manage their trading activities in one centralised location. A standout feature of Altrady is its advanced charting software, which allows traders to accurately analyse market movements and make informed decisions. In addition, Altrady offers features such as automated trading, portfolio tracking, real-time market data, trading history and tax reporting. The platform emphasises security and has advanced security protocols in place to protect users' assets. Altrady is designed to simplify the complexities of cryptocurrency trading and provide a comprehensive trading environment for both novice and experienced traders.

Altrady ist eine umfassende Krypto-Handelsplattform für Krypto-Enthusiasten und Trader. Mit einem klaren Fokus auf Benutzerfreundlichkeit und umfassenden Funktionen bietet Altrady eine All-in-One-Lösung für den Kryptowährungshandel. Die Plattform ermöglicht es den Nutzern, mehrere Kryptobörsen miteinander zu verbinden und ihre Handelsaktivitäten an einem zentralen Ort zu verwalten. Ein herausragendes Merkmal von Altrady ist die fortschrittliche Charting-Software, die es Tradern ermöglicht, Marktbewegungen genau zu analysieren und fundierte Entscheidungen zu treffen. Darüber hinaus bietet Altrady Funktionen wie automatisiertes Trading, Portfolio-Tracking, Echtzeit-Marktdaten, Handelshistorie und Steuerberichterstattung. Die Plattform legt großen Wert auf Sicherheit und verfügt über fortschrittliche Sicherheitsprotokolle, um die Vermögenswerte der Benutzer zu schützen. Altrady wurde entwickelt, um die Komplexität des Kryptowährungshandels zu vereinfachen und sowohl Anfängern als auch erfahrenen Händlern eine umfassende Handelsumgebung zu bieten.


Affiliate policies: --- Additional affiliate policies / terms and conditions: Search engine marketing with branded keywords and/or combinations is forbidden. Commission will be attributed to the publisher based on the last click model. Deduplication will be done only within the affiliate channel, meaning all direct publishers as well as other networks. Conversions will be measured when the visitor has registered an account and has added API keys into the altrady dashboard and has fulfilled their first payment. Conversions will be approved after 30 days have passed from the moment of the first payment, this is the lawful period in which the client has the right to reimburse their payment. For every consecutive monthly or yearly payment by the visitor the publisher will get a new recurring conversion attributed within the network. Payment of invoices by Altrady to the affiliate network will normally but not always be fulfilled within 30 days. The payment to the publisher is based on your settings and agreements with the mcanism affiliate network. Altrady is not an financial investment website, but (SaaS) tooling for traders. False information about the Altrady platform may result in the rejection of all conversions that are under approval and/or approved and not yet payed out. Altrady is not liable for any incorrect use of personal identified information or any incorrectly collected personal identified information by publishers promoting the Altrady campaign.

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