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Bit Hotel is an online social NFT game that uses Bit Hotel Token as its in-game currency. Players compete and gamble to collect NFT items and characters and are able to display them in their room. Each room and common room functions as a chat room where you can hang out, chat or trade with other players. Players can refer friends, and compete with other players for currency. All publisher partners of Bit Hotel earn a fixed CPA-based payout per in-game action. Start earning €4 per active user! After an initial testing phase even CPA can be manually approved if quality is good. The conversion is fired if users connect their account with their wallet and put $BTH tokens into their account via the top-up function. The more users you attract the more commission you earn. If users refer other users, you earn too! Lets earn together!


For a transaction to be valid the user needs to register, log in to the game and top up the $BTH currency balance. Conversion event is triggered after the user's transaction is confirmed by stripe / apple pay / google pay and user returns to Bithotel game. The transaction is approved when Stripe has confirmed the payment and after the restitution period has passed. Commission will be attributed to the publisher based on the last click model. The conversion event is fired if users connect their account with their wallet and put $BTH tokens into their account via the top-up function. Conversions can stay under approval for a maximum of 30 days, if the user did not buy an in-game item after 30 days the conversion will be disapproved. Payment of invoices by Bithotel to the affiliate network will normally but not always be fulfilled within 30 days. Bithotel is not a financial investment website or a gambling platform, but a play to earn game. False information about may result in the rejection of all conversions that are under approval and/or approved and not yet payed out. is not liable for any incorrect use of personal identified information or any incorrectly collected personal identified information by publishers promoting the campaign.

TypeCountriesDevice groupsEvent IDPayout
saleGlobalAndroid, iOS, DesktopPurchase7.00 EUR
leadGlobalAndroid, iOS, DesktopSignup0.00 EUR
installGlobalAndroid, iOS, DesktopInstall0.00 EUR
saleGlobalAndroid, iOS, DesktopSignup_purchase7.00 EUR
Metaverse Games Studio B.V.
Germany, Austria, and 1 more
Start Date
25 September 2023
End Date
Hopefully never.
Cookie expiration
90 days
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