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NordVPN is a leading Virtual Private Network (VPN) service designed to provide users worldwide with security and privacy on the internet. The company was founded to enable people, regardless of their location, to freely and securely use the internet. With an impressive global server infrastructure, NordVPN allows users to browse the internet securely by masking their IP address and routing traffic through an encrypted connection. The platform places a strong emphasis on privacy and anonymity, keeping no logs of users' online activities. NordVPN offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of features, including an automatic Kill Switch function that interrupts traffic if the VPN connection unexpectedly drops. The service supports various devices and operating systems, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and routers. In addition to its primary function as a VPN provider, NordVPN also works to raise awareness about online security. The company provides informative resources and blog posts on current security and privacy issues. Overall, NordVPN stands for reliability, security, and user-friendliness, serving millions of people worldwide to protect their online privacy.

NordVPN ist ein führender Virtual Private Network (VPN)-Dienst, der entwickelt wurde, um Nutzern weltweit Sicherheit und Datenschutz im Internet zu bieten. Das Unternehmen wurde gegründet, um Menschen unabhängig von ihrem Standort die freie und sichere Nutzung des Internets zu ermöglichen. Mit einer beeindruckenden globalen Server-Infrastruktur ermöglicht NordVPN den Nutzern ein sicheres Surfen im Internet, indem es ihre IP-Adresse verschleiert und den Datenverkehr über eine verschlüsselte Verbindung leitet. Die Plattform legt großen Wert auf Datenschutz und Anonymität und führt keine Protokolle über die Online-Aktivitäten der Nutzer. NordVPN bietet eine benutzerfreundliche Oberfläche und eine Vielzahl von Funktionen, darunter eine automatische Kill-Switch-Funktion, die den Datenverkehr unterbricht, falls die VPN-Verbindung unerwartet abbricht. Der Dienst unterstützt verschiedene Geräte und Betriebssysteme, darunter Computer, Smartphones, Tablets und Router. Neben seiner Hauptfunktion als VPN-Anbieter arbeitet NordVPN auch daran, das Bewusstsein für Online-Sicherheit zu schärfen. Das Unternehmen bietet informative Ressourcen und Blog-Beiträge zu aktuellen Sicherheits- und Datenschutzfragen. Insgesamt steht NordVPN für Zuverlässigkeit, Sicherheit und Benutzerfreundlichkeit und wird von Millionen von Menschen weltweit genutzt, um ihre Online-Privatsphäre zu schützen.


WE DO NOT ALLOW: SPAM / unsolicited email promotion. However, you may send emails to people you know or who have given you permission to send them marketing emails for products and services similar to; Pop-up/under advertising; Comment SPAM: posting referral links on blogs, social networks, message boards and forums in cases where the discussion or content is not related to the services we offer. However, you may advertise your referral link on websites which are discussing VPN/proxy services or in a forum signature. You should never use automated bots to post comments containing your affiliate link; Black Hat techniques: using “Black hat” SEO marketing on your website, such as keyword stuffing, invisible text or doorway pages; Usage of banned keywords: bidding on any online advertising system (such as Google Adwords) for the following keywords and any variation or misspelling: NordVPN, Nord VPN; Incentives: offering incentives to user such as cash back or other rewards, except where facilitated by features on our site; Use of materials which infringe any intellectual property rights, including use of our Trade Marks (e.g. "NordVPN") in the domain name. You may use our Trade Marks only to the extent required to establish links and perform your obligations as an Affiliate under these terms(e.g. to illustrate an article or a link). You may not place your affiliate links on any website which contains content which is: unlawful, harmful, threatening or otherwise objectionable; facilitates or promotes illegal file sharing, copyright infringement or computer hacking; facilitates or promotes any other criminal activity or breach of civil law. You may not use your affiliate link to order Subscriptions for yourself. Any other type of illegal marketing. If you use forbidden promotion ways, your account will be terminated immediately. If you have any doubts if your promotion way and material is in line with our policies - please contact your account manager for advice. Failure to comply with Promotion rules could result in your removal from the NordVPN affiliate program as well as the cancellation of all commissions due to you. In the event of any chargeback(s), refunds or cancellations by customers referred by you, your commission shall be cancelled. If we have already paid the relevant commission to you, we shall deduct that amount from our next payment to you. Refunds will be made to customers in accordance with our Refund Policy or at our sole discretion. Where the rate of chargeback(s), refunds or cancellations on your account is unusually high or we suspect your affiliate account is being used for fraudulent activity, we reserve the right to place restrictions on the your account, including but not limited to, suspending your account and retaining all sums within the account as well as commencing a full investigation. You give us your authorization to inform the appropriate authorities or third parties of any fraud or suspected fraud and only once we are satisfied that the matter is resolved shall we remove any restrictions on your account.

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