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OneTravel is a renowned online travel agency that specializes in offering travelers top-notch travel opportunities and services. With a clear goal of making travel effortless and affordable, OneTravel provides a wide range of travel solutions for various needs. Whether you are planning a dream vacation, traveling for business, or simply taking a break, OneTravel is your trusted partner to find the best deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages. The intuitive website and mobile app of OneTravel allow travelers to conveniently compare prices from various airlines and hotels to ensure that you get the best value for your money. What truly sets OneTravel apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They have a dedicated customer support team available 24/7 to assist with any travel inquiries or concerns. Additionally, OneTravel offers a Best Price Guarantee to ensure that you always get the lowest available fare. OneTravel also provides valuable travel resources, including travel tips, destinations, and insider information to help you plan your trips effectively and maximize your travel experience. With a clear focus on affordability, user-friendliness, and excellent customer service, OneTravel is your trusted companion in planning and booking your travels. Whether you are an experienced globetrotter or an occasional traveler, OneTravel offers you the opportunity to turn your travel plans into reality and experience unforgettable adventures.

OneTravel ist eine renommierte Online-Reiseagentur, die sich darauf spezialisiert hat, Reisenden erstklassige Reisemöglichkeiten und Dienstleistungen anzubieten. Mit einem klaren Ziel vor Augen, Reisen mühelos und erschwinglich zu gestalten, bietet OneTravel eine breite Palette von Reiselösungen für verschiedene Bedürfnisse. Egal, ob Sie eine Traumreise planen, geschäftlich unterwegs sind oder einfach eine Auszeit nehmen möchten, OneTravel ist Ihr zuverlässiger Partner, um die besten Angebote für Flüge, Hotels, Mietwagen und Pauschalreisen zu finden. Die intuitive Website und die mobile App von OneTravel ermöglichen es Reisenden, bequem Preise von verschiedenen Fluggesellschaften und Hotels zu vergleichen, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie das beste Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis erhalten. Was OneTravel wirklich auszeichnet, ist ihr Engagement für die Zufriedenheit der Kunden. Sie verfügen über ein engagiertes Kundensupport-Team, das rund um die Uhr verfügbar ist, um bei allen Reisefragen oder Anliegen zu helfen. Darüber hinaus bietet OneTravel eine Bestpreisgarantie, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie stets den günstigsten verfügbaren Tarif erhalten. OneTravel stellt auch wertvolle Reiseressourcen zur Verfügung, darunter Reisetipps, Reiseziele und Insiderinformationen, die Ihnen helfen, Ihre Reisen optimal zu planen und Ihr Reiseerlebnis zu maximieren. Mit einem klaren Fokus auf Erschwinglichkeit, Benutzerfreundlichkeit und hervorragenden Kundenservice ist OneTravel Ihr vertrauenswürdiger Begleiter bei der Planung und Buchung Ihrer Reisen. Unabhängig davon, ob Sie ein erfahrener Weltenbummler oder ein Gelegenheitsreisender sind, bietet OneTravel Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Ihre Reisepläne in die Tat umzusetzen und unvergessliche Abenteuer zu erleben.


PPC & SEM Guidelines: If Affiliate participates in PPC advertising, it must not: • bid on any trademarks, brands or keywords of the Company, or its suppliers and partners, including any variations or misspellings thereof for search or content-based campaigns on Google, Facebook, BING, Yahoo or any other search engine or platform. • use in your ad copy, ad title, display and final URL our Trademarks or Brands (including misspellings and variations) without first obtaining written permission from the Company. 12 • direct link to our website from any Pay Per Click ad or Pay Per Call ad using redirects that yield the same result. Affiliate links must be directed to an actual page on your website. • bid in any manner appearing higher than any of our Brands for any search term in any auction style Pay Per Click or Pay Per Call advertising program. Exception: Affiliate MAY bid on and use in ad copy except display URL our Trademarks or Brands with the following term, where Term= “Coupon, Coupon code, Promo code, Discount code”. For example: “*Brand* + Coupon” “*Brand* + Promo code” “*Brand* + Discount code” If Affiliate’s campaign is automated, it must to exclude Company Trademarks from the program and Company’s Trademarks should be added as broad negative keywords. Coupon Guidelines: If Affiliate’s website promotes coupon codes, it must adhere to Coupon Guidelines as follows. Company has the right to deny payment of commissions if these guidelines are not followed. Affiliate MUST display coupons in their entirety with the full offer, valid expiration date and code. Affiliate MAY ONLY advertise coupon codes that are provided to you through the Program and are currently active. Affiliate MAY NOT advertise coupon codes obtained from our non-affiliate advertising, customer e-mails, paid search, or any other campaign. Affiliate MAY NOT give the appearance that any ongoing offers require clicking from your website. On click through, Affiliate MUST link directly to our website. Framing of our website is strictly prohibited. Tracking Cookies Tracking cookies set by Affiliate end-user clicks, through campaigns and tracking links of any kind provided by Affiliate, must be the direct result of an end-user outbound click, whether from a web site, PPC campaign, newsletter, or email. Forced clicks or practices otherwise known as cookie stuffing are against this Affiliate Agreement. 13 Cookie Stuffing: Affiliate MAY NOT mislead customers into clicking on an offer or coupon that does not exist or practice similarly deceptive tactics that are generally known as “cookie stuffing.” These include, but are not limited to: Affiliate MAY NOT present expired offers or present offers that do not exist or are not affiliate offers. Affiliate MAY NOT make claims that a user must click on a link first to activate or receive an offer. Affiliate MAY NOT present a button that claims to show all offers that sets the affiliate cookie in the background Affiliate MAY NOT use technology that generates a click or sets the cookie from the action of copying a coupon code or through a pop under or pop up ads. Sub-Affiliate Networks: Promoting any Company Brands through a sub-affiliate network is permitted, provided that Affiliate must disclose to Company the sub-affiliate ID and origin of all traffic from sub-affiliates. Sub-affiliates are subject to the terms of the Agreement and this Code of Conduct, and Affiliate must ensure that all sub-affiliates promoting any of Company Brands adhere there to. This includes restrictions on advertising through toolbars, browser extensions, and through any paid placements such as a pay-per-click campaign. Domain Names: Use of any of Company brands, trademarks, or domain names as part of the domain or subdomain for any Affiliate Sites is strictly prohibited. Website Restrictions: Affiliate’s sites may not: • Infringe on Company’s or any third party’s intellectual property, publicity, privacy, or other rights. • Violate any applicable law, rule or regulation. • Contain any content that is threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, harmful to minors, or contains nudity, pornography or sexually explicit materials. • Contain any viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancel-bots, or other computer programming routines that are intended to damage, interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data, or personal information. 14 • Contain software or use technology that attempts to intercept, divert or redirect Internet traffic to or from any other website, or that potentially enables the diversion of affiliate commissions from another website. This includes toolbars, browser plug-ins, extensions and add-ons. Social Media Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms is permitted following these general guidelines: Affiliate is allowed to promote any of Company’s Brands to Affiliate’s own lists; more specifically, Affiliate is welcome to use Affiliate links on Affiliate’s own Facebook, Twitter, etc. pages. For example: As examples, Affiliate MAY post the following: "Today's Deals: Roundtrip Flights All Over the U.S. for Less than $199 on *Brand*!” "Cheap flights to {Destination}, Book with *Brand* Today and Save!” “*Brand* flies to Hawaii for less!” Affiliate is PROHIBITED from posting Affiliate links on any of Company Brand’s social media pages, (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) in an attempt to turn those links into Affiliate sales. Affiliate is PROHIBITED from creating a social media account that includes any of Company Brands, Trademarks, Domain names in the page name and/or username. Adware/Malware All websites configured by an Affiliate must conform to generally accepted advertising practices. Affiliate websites or promotional tools must not support, advertise, or promote downloadable advertising software (commonly known as “adware” or “malware”) that initiates or installs without the end user’s action of consent. Promotion Materials The use of invalid or unauthorized Company brand coupons, deals, or promotions is prohibited. If the coupon, deal, or promotion is not listed within any of our Brand’s configured ad campaigns, express permission from Company is required before use. Merchant Brand Representation Company prohibits any Affiliate from representing themselves as one of the Company’s Brands by any means, or from using any web programming code or techniques to frame any of the Company’s Brand sites within an end user’s browser. If an Affiliate chooses to frame any of the Company’s Brand sites, it must be with Company’s explicit consent before doing so. 15 Cyber, Domain, or Typo-Squatting Affiliate may not use a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark or copyright belonging to another company or individual. Any relevant activities including, but limited to, Typosquatting, URL Hijacking, Cybersquatting or Brandjacking are not permitted. Traffic Generation Software reminders, browser notifications, or alerts triggered by a merchant URL in a browser address bar are acceptable with restrictions. Reminders or notifications may include, but are not limited to, browser helpers, plug-ins, and toolbars. The Company reserves the right to apply passive click restriction on Affiliate accounts or websites utilizing software reminders, browser alerts or notifications that knowingly or unknowingly undermines the valid tracking cookie of another Affiliate. Black Hat SEO Black Hat SEO or Spamdexing techniques of any kind, including but not limited to, Cloaking and Content Scraping, is strictly prohibited and enforced. Email Marketing If an Affiliate chooses to promote any of our Brands by way of email lists, the email marketing must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 legislation and the applicable regulations governing email marketing. The CAN-SPAM Act, which became effective January 1, 2004, covers email whose primary purpose is advertising or promoting a commercial product or service, including content on a web site. Affiliate agrees that no element of an Email Campaign (e.g. name, domain name, subject line & body content) will reflect that the email is directly from any of the Company’s Brands. Opt Out and Unsubscribing You will comply promptly with all opt out, unsubscribe, "do not call" and "do not send" requests. For the duration of this Agreement, you will establish and maintain systems and procedures appropriate to effectuate all opt out, unsubscribe, "do not call" and "do not send" requests. Affiliate Transparency & Disclosure Any software that masks or hides referring information or URLs in any way is prohibited from use. Affiliate, at the request of Company, must disclose and provide accurate information on business models and online or offline promotional techniques used to drive traffic and sales on behalf of Affiliate.

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