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25Home was built on the philosophy of transcending limits to create something exceptional. They infused this ethos into every facet of the business, including the name - 25Home conveys the vision of furniture that transforms a house into a welcoming space where time seems to expand, allowing you to savor life's meaningful moments. Above all else, 25Home creates with the dream of enlivening their ultimate mission: to inspire you to live a five star life.

25Home wurde auf der Philosophie des Überschreitens von Grenzen gebaut, um etwas Außergewöhnliches zu schaffen. Sie haben dieses Ethos in jede Facette des Unternehmens eingeflößt, einschließlich des Namens - 25Home vermittelt die Vision von Möbeln, die ein Haus in einen einladenden Raum verwandeln, in dem sich die Zeit auszudehnen scheint und es Ihnen ermöglicht, die bedeutungsvollen Momente des Lebens zu genießen. Vor allem schafft 25Home mit dem Traum, ihre ultimative Mission zu beleben: Sie zu inspirieren, ein Fünf-Sterne-Leben zu leben.


25home Trademark Keywords Rule Trademark Keywords (TM+): Publishers are not permitted to bid on The 25home brand-related keywords via the platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and MSN. More details information as below: (i) you must not give the impression that you are, or represent, The 25home, through the use of phrases such as 'Official Site'; (ii) you must not bid on select trademarks and brand names designated by 25home , including but not limited to: "25home", "25home .com", "25home coupon code", "25home Coupons" "25home promo code" and "25home Deal"; (iii) you must not outbid The 25home for top placement on select trademarks and trade names designated by 25home; (iv) you must not target the brand names of any entities that are direct competitors of 25home, or otherwise engage in marketing practices that are illegal or violate the rights of any third party; (v) you must ensure that all copy used for search and keyword purposes is appropriate and 100% accurate and does not contain any claims that could be construed to be false or misleading. In addition, you agree to add "25home", "", "25home coupon code", "25home Coupons" and "25home promo code" and "25home Deal" (and other terms that we may determine in the future) as negative matches in your search campaigns and to avoid phrase matching. You agree that, following notice from 25home, you will promptly remove any search listing containing copy and/or creative components that 25home, in its sole discretion, deems inappropriate for any reason. Publishers shall not be entitled to any commission or payment for any and all orders and/or traffic generated in connection with the violation of this Rule.

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United States
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13 December 2023
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Hopefully never.
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