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Ipsos UK

i-Say is powered by Ipsos, a leading global market research company that provides a fresh perspective on issues and trends of today. It was founded in 1975, in Paris, and has significant contributions to the global market research, being the third largest survey-based research firm in the world. Ipsos has a vast activity, conducting more than 70 million interviews yearly for more than 5,000 clients in over 100 countries. Surveys: We provide you with a forum where your opinions are used to influence global brands, entertainment, fashion, music, lifestyle, household products and, in the end, you are the ones that benefit from all the improvements! You can interact in friendly social platform and fill in our surveys online, on mobile devices. You can also receive products to test at home before they are launched, giving you a VIP seat to experiments and innovation stages from brands and products that you use. Points: On top of influencing services and products, by completing surveys you also earn points, which you can convert into vouchers or gift cards. The number of points differ from one survey to another and it is usually related to the length of each study. For example, for a 10 minutes survey you’ll earn 50 points, while for a 40 minutes survey you’ll earn 300 points. Rewards* just right for you: Because we believe that your time needs to be rewarded, every time you take a survey within the panel, you're given i-Say points as a thank you for your feedback. Those points can be converted into gift cards, vouchers, contributions to different humanitarian campaigns. We put a lot of effort in keeping our catalogue updated and we try to offer you rewards that suit your needs. You can choose from a variety of vouchers for different amount of points. i-Say gives you the opportunity to interact with other members and vote on fun polls. Or you can even make your own polls and find out what others think on subjects that interest you. We always put up for debate and questioning hot topics such as elections, health issues, global events and research results. It’s more than a survey portal. Members of the community very often express their appreciation for the i-Say website and social media platforms. Here are some testimonials: “Thank you for explaining your procedure of sending your surveys. I enjoy participating in your surveys.” “Very diverse choice for rewards and it is very easy to answer surveys.” “This is one of the best companies to do surveys for. I get paid frequently and get to do product testing which is really fun!” “It feels nice to have won a prize as it shows that all the hard work builds up to something rewarding! Ipsos is one of my favorite sites as they offer the quickest rewards, and I usually receive them in a matter of minutes after redeeming, which I am extremely happy about. Thank you very much!” Join i-Say today, interact with people that share your interests and start thought-provoking conversations! Advantages for an affiliate: Cookie Life-Time: 30 days Validation Time: 30 days attractive advertisment low cancellation rate


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17 November 2020
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